Frequently asked questions

What is an ICO?

ICO is an abbreviation for "Initial Coin Offering". ICO is a new method to raise funds. In comparison with standard venture capital, any individual or company can take part in ICOs.

What is a token?

A token is digital asset that ICOs issue. When investing in ICOs, you get tokens that offer the potential to earn profits. Tokens can serve as a surrogate for cash, title of ownership or any other asset.

What is Medical Tourism Service Platform?

Medical Tourism Service Platform has been made for globalization of medical tourism market according to global unification. It’s platform providing one-stop smart service based on block chain. MTSP is medical tourism service platform everyone can participate. It has purpose to make transparency and accessibility of medical tourism which make participant’s profit. In the future, it’s gonna be able to grow as medium for innovative change in global medical tourism.

What is a White Paper?

A White Paper is a technical document, which is drawn in a free format by the ICO team. Generally, this document offers a complete description for the project: its concept and advantages as compared to similar projects, team and roadmap.

What is an Medical Tourism Token?

Medical Tourism Token(MTT) in MTSP is developed focusing on stabilization by using open source and code verified by ERC20 token in Ethereum. MTT token is cryptocurrency to use for trade between tourists and medical department and agency in MTSP platform economy ecosystem and MTT token bank. It has possibility to support EVM based coin like EOS, QTUM later.

How do l obtain Medical Tourism Tokens?

Medical Tourism Tokens are obtainable via our Token Pre-ICO "1st_2nd_3rd"(Initial Coin Offering) from Nov.08 2019 onwards. or You can buy token at token bank with standard price after Platform MTT Token Bank in Oct.08 2020.

What problems do you solve?

Medical Tourism Service Platform is comprehensive managing system in medical tourism. It provides many services like information which let tourists have more choice, connecting agency with verification (without extra fee), transaction system with unified currency, MTT. MTSP manages total medical tourism service system and makes new ecosystem making profit and gives it to every participants.

How many Medical Tourism Tokens have been issued?

A total of 8.8 billion (8,800,000,000) tokens are generated for this project. MTT token in previous sale for 1st_2nd_3rd participants is 10% of total MTT token issued(880,000,000 MTT)


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