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  • How does Cryo T-Shock work?
    T Shock stands for Thermal Shock which is a simple, all natural, non-invasive concept based on using warm and cold to “shock” the cells. Alternating between hot and cold has a more dramatic effect than hot or cold applied individually. The two components, administered in sequence, according to precise therapeutic protocols, produce a localized and deep thermal shock effect. Times, temperatures and sequences change automatically. The technician selects from a list of pre-programmed protocols which vary by the targeted body part and sex.
  • How does it feel?
    All of the T Shock procedures are painless. During fat and cellulite reduction treatments there’s a prolonged period of cold so it’s common to experience some numbness in the treated area. Any numbness will quickly subside following completion of the treatment. Some clients will experience a period of “bloating” following the treatment. This is due to the body sending blood in an attempt to warm the treated area. This too will quickly subside. Toning and facial clients experience little if any discomfort.
  • What is the frequency of treatments?
    FACIALS: Can be performed daily. Optimum is 5 treatments performed over a 10-15 day period. Once desired results are achieved general maintenance is 1-2x a month. TONING: Can be performed daily. Optimum is 5 treatments performed over a 10-15 day period. Once desired results are achieved general maintenance is 1-2x a month. FAT REDUCTION: Can be performed once every two weeks. This spacing is required in order to keep from overloading the lymphatic system. A minimum of five treatments is generally suggested.
  • What are post-treatment requirements?
    These are essential in solidifying results. Fat and cellulite reduction clients are required to immediately consume 24 ozs of water and perform one or more tasks to facilitate lymphatic drainage within 6 hours of the treatment. A lack of facilitating performing any of the following may negate many of the benefits. - A 30 minute cardio workout - A massage on the treated area - 20-30 minutes in a dry heat sauna or red light therapy - 10-15 minutes on a vibration plate with a lymphatic drainage setting
  • Can a number of areas be treated simutaneously?
    FAT REDUCTION TREATMENTS :One large and one small body part can be treated every two weeks. Clients can combine these treatments with an unlimited number of Toning or Facial treatments on the body. CELLULITE REDUCTION TREATMENTS: One large and one small body part can be treated weekly. Clients can combine these treatments with an unlimited number of Toning or Facial treatments on the body. TONING & FACIALS :The entire body can be treated simultaneously, no limitations.
  • Who should consider this treatment?
    FACIAL / NECK / DECOLLETE • Anyone experiencing aging who’s more desirous of a natural look without the use (or reduced use) of Botox and Fillers • Clients with Rosacea • Anyone looking for a Red Carpet look for an event • Clients with loose skin or wrinkles on their neck • Anyone looking to minimize a double chin • Anyone with an aging neck or decollete TONING • Anyone with dry, crepey, aging skin • Anyone with loose, aging skin that has lost elasticity • Anyone who has: undergone gastric bypass surgery; experienced rapid weight loss; experienced loose skin following pregnancy FAT AND CELLULITE REDUCTION • Anyone with a BMI under 35 who has excessive fat deposits in problem areas • Anyone in shape with stubborn fat that they can’t get rid of with diet and exercise • Anyone desirous of controlling cellulite
  • What are the contradictions?
    • No Botox or Fillers for four weeks prior to a facial • Anyone undergoing dialysis, having any type of kidney disease and anyone with only one kidney should not have a fat or cellulite reduction treatment • Anyone with active cancer or undergoing chemotherapy should not have a fat or cellulite treatment • Anyone with an untreated abdominal hernia should not have any fat reduction treatments in that area • Severe diabetes – Loss of sensation on the skin • Varicose Veins • Pregnancy
  • What is a Far Infrared Sauna
    A Far Infrared Sauna is a sauna that engages FAR Infrared light to heat the body in an enclosed cabin. FAR infrared rays are emitted from heaters within the sauna. Infrared light is the invisible light which is part of the sun’s spectrum. As humans our visible spectrum goes from red to violet, with the beautiful colors of the rainbow being red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The infra-red meaning is “below-red” like ultraviolet (UV) means “above-violet. Our infra-red saunas use the far part of the infrared spectrum.
  • What research has been conducted or studied about FAR Infrared Saunas?
    NASA discovered in the mid-1960’s that FAR waves was an effective way to maintain cardiovascular health and conditioning for astronauts during long space flights. Medical doctors and the infrared society as a whole continue to research and support the many health benefits of FAR infrared saunas as a wonderful method of well-being.
  • Are Infrared rays harmful?
    No. Infrared sauna is completely safe. Saunas use radiant energy (same as produced by the sun) to the heat the body, not the room. Our infrared heating technology does not include any harmful UV rays.
  • I have a medical condition; can I safely use a Far Infrared Sauna?
    Many sauna users have medical conditions that have improved from frequent sauna sessions. Sauna users have experienced the benefits of lowering blood pressure, improving circulation, detoxifying the body from medications and toxins, reducing and improving acne, weight loss, the ease of aching muscles, improving skin tone and appearance, speeding the healing process of bruises and cuts, reducing stress, better sleep, and cardiovascular conditioning. We always recommend that you consult your doctor before beginning a sauna session and individual results may vary.
  • What is the difference between a traditional sauna and infrared sauna?
    Traditional saunas use heaters to warm the air and stones within the sauna room. The heat source attains high temperatures which in turn heats the air in the sauna. Most modern saunas are controlled by a thermostat to produce high temperatures. The air in these traditional saunas run between 169 ° to 190 ° F. The body heats up as the hot air fills the room which results in a sweat. These temperatures are extremely high, and it is recommended that the session be no longer that 15 minutes. Our infrared saunas use a heater that creates infrared waves that heat the body directly. The infrared rays are the same rays that come from the sun without the UV radiation. The rays penetrate the skin deeply without heating up the air in the room. The temperature within the infrared sauna is around 110 ° to 140 ° F. The lower temperatures allow for longer sauna sessions providing you the opportunity to sweat more.
  • Are there age restrictions for infrared sauna use?
    Pregnant women and children under the age of 5 years old should avoid infrared saunas. Children under the age of 18 should always be accompanied by an adult. Users with any medical conditions should always consult their physicians prior to using a sauna.


Please ask us directly. Our dedicated team of professionals is here to help.

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